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Deal Announcement

Sale of Groupe CB production assets to Comfort SA

Eurus Capital, acting as exclusive financial advisor to Groupe CB, has been advising/managing the sale process of the Budrex – Toruń precast concrete manufacturing plant to Comfort SA.

Groupe CB is an international company specialised in the exploitation of aggregates, production of concrete and precast concrete elements. It operates in several countries, employs 1,300 persons and generates €250 million of revenues each year. In Poland, the Company has begun its operations in 2005 and has since built a significant player in the precast concrete market. Due to harsh business conditions in the sector and following the company’s Board confirmed strategy to deploy its resources to new investment projects in other markets, Groupe CB has decided to restructure its assets in Poland.

In order to secure the future of its main operating asset, the Budrex – Torun manufacturing plant, Groupe CB began to look for a potential investor. Eurus Capital has been chosen as the company’s exclusive financial advisor for the sell-side transaction. The specific characteristics of this transaction were unfavorable historical financial results, undergoing restructuring process and the general negative sentiment towards the sector. Moreover, an additional condition was required by the client pertaining to the confidentiality of the transactional process. Eurus Capital, strong of its experience and relationships in the industry, was able to identify several potential investors and bring the transaction to a successful closing while supporting the Vendor during the negotiating process. The Vendor has finally opted for the offer proposed by Comfort SA who will become, after completing this acquisition, the leading producer on the Polish precast concrete manufacturing sector for infrastructure structures.

Eurus Capital has also been prominent in working with Krokus Private Equity, the owner of Comfort SA, and revealing the potential of Budrex – Toruń beyond the difficult financial situation of the company by focusing on the critical results obtained during the restructuring phase and significant capabilities this production site has coming out of restructuring and entering into new expansion plan under the highly professional hands of Comfort managers. This add-on acquisition will certainly create value to the portfolio company and prepare the private equity owner for a very successful exit.

Eurus Capital team is delighted to have been involved in this transaction and wishes to all parties involved the best for their next endeavours.

For more information please contact :

Tomasz Tarasiewicz  (Polish, English, French) 
Grzegorz Czarnul  (Polish, English) 
Franck Petain      (French, English)



Own private equity investments

During the last 2 years Eurus Capital entered itself in 2 private equity investments with its own funds. Firstly, in 2009 the company financed the start-up of Lilou Sp. z o.o. personalized hand made jewellery producing and distribution company and took over 45% of its shares. Secondly, in August 2011 Eurus Capital overtook 60% of the shares in OsmozaCare – a distributor of innovative pharmaceuticals and nutricosmetics in Poland. More details about these transactions you will find in Our services section >> then in Private equity.



Nomination of the CEO

The CEO of Eurus Capital, Mr. Yves Mousson-Lestang was nominated as the Advisor of the Foreign Trade of France in Poland by the French Prime Minister, Mr. François Fillon in the name of the French National Committee of Foreign Advisors cooperating with the French Embassy in Poland.

In this way, Mr. Yves Mousson-Lestang was honoured for his and Eurus Capital’s long-term work and mission contributing to the development of the commercial and investment exchange between France and Poland.



Deal Announcement

Sale of 100% of a 50 MW wind farm project (advanced stage of development) in Poland from Green Bear Corporation Poland to a main International Strategic Investor.

Green Bear – is an international operator and developer, in the renewable energy market since 2007, focusing on acquiring, developing and implementing projects in the field of wind energy in Poland and other countries from Central Europe. Green Bear is developing several projects in various stages of development with a total capacity of over 600 MW (with 11 MW already in operation).

To carry out the sale process of the wind project Green Bear has appointed Eurus Capital as its financial advisor. After a market study among potential investors Eurus Capital has selected the group of interested possible buyers, the best suited to the requirements of Green Bear.

Thus, Eurus Capital acted as an investment advisor on the renewable energy market assisting the shareholders of Green Bear Corporation Poland, based in Poland (Warsaw).

For more information please contact :

Yves Mousson-Lestang  (Ukraine, Poland, Belarus)
Franck Pétain          (Poland)
Małgorzata Kowalska (Poland)




Interview of the founder and CEO of Eurus Capital - Mr. Yves Mousson-Lestang on the French Radio BFM (French version): click here



Deal Announcement

Sale of 100% Chem&Pol (Poland) to Overlack AG (Germany).

Chem&Pol supplies chemical raw materials and products for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries in Poland. It is one of the few, still independent, highly specialized, active pharmaceutical ingredients trader in Poland. Chem&Pol has a solid almost 20-year track record of experience, knowledge and credibility within the pharmaceutical industry.  

The shareholder of Chem&Pol appointed Eurus Capital as its exclusive financial advisor in the sale process. 

Eurus Capital conducted a competitive but limited sale process focused on working with only those parties that might provide the best fit with the shareholder objectives. Eurus Capital developed buyer interest, coordinated management meetings and negotiated with the potential acquirers. Shareholder ultimately chose the offer of Overlack AG, which acted in cooperation with its local subsidiary Overlack Sp. z o.o. 

Overlack Group, with over 200 million Euros of annual revenues, is one of the leading German chemical supplier. Over the past nine decades, it has become a wide-ranged trading group, operating in eleven European countries and in China. Acquisition of Chem&Pol significantly strenghtens its position on local pharmaceutical market. 

Eurus Capital acted as financial advisor to the owner of Chempol, based in Poland.

For more information please contact :

Yves Mousson-Lestang  (Ukraine, Poland, Belarus)
Grzegorz Czarnul  (Poland)



Deal Announcement

Sale of 100% TOB Evroglass (Ukraine) to Troesch AG (Switzerland).

Evroglass is the undisputed leader of the glass transformation industry in Ukraine (with more than 15% of market share, 800 employees and 2,1 million sqm of glass processed). The Company buys European glass in large quantities, cuts the glass at industrial level, assembles it into one to two chamber glass packets, conditions and delivers them to window builders.  

Eurus Capital acted as financial advisor to the shareholders of TOB Evroglass Company headquartered in Kyiv (Kiev).  

Eurus Capital, focuses on providing independent investment banking services in Central and Eastern Europe in the field of M&A, Management Consulting and Private Equity.

For more information please contact :
Alexandre De Raemaeker (Ukraine) 
Yuriy Zerov             (Ukraine)
Yves Mousson-Lestang (Ukraine, Poland, Belarus)
Franck Pétain          (Poland) 



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